Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues:  $330 incl gst per child per year
Special Character:   $50 per child per year

Total per year           $380.00 per child (4 Terms)
Total per Term         $95.00 per child

Letter from Bp Paul re Attendance Dues 2020

Attendance Dues & Special Character are paid to the Parish office NOT to the School.
Payment is expected each Term, or you may choose to pay for the whole year at once.  To help with budgeting, we give the option of paying weekly, fortnightly or monthlyWe rely on parents to pay –  if they do not pay, the parish has to pay the Diocese on their behalf.

Attendance Dues are not a donation.  They are used for capital costs, such as new classrooms and insurance, to which the Government does not contribute.  When you enrol your child at a Catholic school and sign the Preference Certificate, you “agree to pay the Attendance Dues, in full, on or before the due date, or to contact the parish Priest to enter into an agreement for payment.” All Attendance Dues collected by the Parish are paid on to the Diocese.

Special Character Contributions  help fund the provision of Catholic Special Character within the school.  This contribution is tax deductible.  A receipt for this can be obtained from the parish office.
The Parish sends out invoices each Term. It is preferred that you pay by automatic payment. (The Bank account number is on invoice/ statement).  If this is not possible, cash or cheque to the parish office.  Cheques should be made out to ‘The Catholic Parish of Addington-Beckenham’.

To obtain a Preference of Enrolment certificate, parents need to make an appointment to see the parish priest. Bring your child’s Baptism certificate with you.