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On the 25th June 2018 , Fr Barry Malone sm  celebrates his Golden Jubilee of Ordination.  We congratulate Fr Barry and give thanks for his years of ministry.  May God Bless him today and always. Fr Barry celebrated the 10.30am Mass at Sacred Heart Church Addington on June 24th along with six other priests, including…(Read More)

Farewell Fr John

On Sunday 22 April the parish held a farewell pot-luck lunch in Sacred Heart hall to farewell Fr John Craddock. The afternoon was enjoyed by all present.  We wish Fr John well in his new parish up north and thank God for his time with us. Thanks to Marilou Crequer and Paul Morrison for…(Read More)

RCIA – Easter

At the 8.00pm Easter Vigil Mass at Sacred Heart church, Paul & Jade Tonkin received the Sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation. Congratulations Paul & Jade ! Thanks to Marilou Crequer for the photos…(Read More)

On Saturday 3rd march 2018 Bishop Paul Martin was ordained. Our parish of Sancta Maria wishes Bishop Paul every blessing and welcomes him as our new Pastor of the Diocese of Christchurch. Check out the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch  for more…(Read More)

CONGRATULATIONS to the Philippine community for the wonderful All-Sunday celebration of Santa Nino, the Divine Child. While the weather played its happy part in the success of the day, the real joys of the day for me were the warm community feel of all the people, whether their dialect, origins or social background. Because…(Read More)

A BBQ was held after the 10.30am Mass at Sacred Heart on December 10th.  Parishioners enjoyed a sausage and bread on a beautiful hot day under the tree. Special thanks to the Crequer family & helpers  for manning the BBQ ! &nbsp…(Read More)

THE RITE OF ACCEPTANCE  for those enquiring about the Catholic Church was celebrated Sunday 8th October at the 10.30am Mass at Sacred Heart Church. This is the first of the Rites of the “Order of Christian Initiation of Adults” (Formerly known as R.C.I.A). Regan Harper, Paul Tonkin and Jade Tonkin are…(Read More)

On September 9th, at Sacred Heart Church, the parish celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We congratulate the 38 candidates who received the Sacrament and pray that God will continue to bless and guide them in their Christian journey. Thanks to Marilou Crequer for the photos…(Read More)

On Sunday 2 July 2017 St Peter’s School celebrated 90 years with a school and parish Mass. (Photos Chris Hope) Below:  Looking at Memorabilia in the parish centre.  Marie Gardener (in Purple) and her sister were the oldest St Peters students who attended. (Photo Chris Hope) Below:  Sr Betty Dwyer & Sr Anna Persico…(Read More)