Sancta Maria Catholic Parish

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sometimes living the Christian Life seems quite straightforward and easy. We seem to be able to do good works and people in general seem to be supportive and encouraging. This is especially so when the people closest to us are practising believers, even more faithful and practising than we are.

But sometimes being faithful to the Lord can be difficult and lonely. It can happen that we don’t always live what we believe. We don’t always live up to our own ideals. Sometimes too we find that people about us think that our beliefs are quaint, old-fashioned, irrelevant, narrow or unenlightened. There even seems to be a new name for us: “God-botherers”. Our discomfort can be greater when such people can easily point to our failings and the failings of other believers. Even the Church has come in for its fair share of criticism.

In some ways, Our Lord’s words prepare us for this. Misunderstanding and opposition are things that are “bound to happen”. Such things happened to Jesus and they have happened constantly down the years to those who believe and follow Him.

But we must not be discouraged. We have the Holy Spirit with a promise of eloquence and wisdom. God is on our side. We are not alone. In the end God and goodness will prevail. Sin does not have the last word. Love will triumph. We need only be trusting and faithful.

“Your endurance will win you your lives” Luke 21:19.

Fr Barry Malone SM