The Catholic Parish of Christchurch South

(Formerly Sancta Maria and Our Lady Queen of Apostles parishes)

The Bishop has issued new decrees for the amalgamation of our city and Selwyn parishes to reflect the fact that all assets are now able to be transferred to the new entities along with employment agreements and other rights and obligations.  The decree for our new parish being established becomes effective on the 12th of July 2020. Click here to view the decree:  Catholic Parish of ChCh South decree  A copy of the decree is also on the diocesan website, and  in the Church foyers.

Reflection from Fr Peter Head, Parish Priest, sm

Alone, without Jesus, we can do nothing.

On Pentecost Sunday, in my letter to parishioners, I quoted Pope Francis when he stated:

“The Christian community is a community “going forth”.  More so the Church was born “going forth”.  To his missionary disciples Jesus says “I am with you always”.  Alone, without Jesus, we can do nothing.  In apostolic work, our own strengths, our resources, our structures do not suffice, even if they are necessaryWithout the presence of the Lord and the power of his Spirit, our work, though it may be well organized, winds up being ineffectiveAnd thus, we go to tell the nations who Jesus is.”  “By virtue of baptism, ALL OF US ARE MISSIONARY DISCIPLES to the extent that we have encountered God’s love.  Whatever our position in the Church, we must become PERSONALLY INVOLVED.”

As parishioners, many things have changed for you.  Post-earthquake, four parishes became two parishes and then this year one parish was created.  The composition of the one parish is made up of five faith communities, all with their own history and traditions.  The priests have changed.  From diocese priests serving these communities the Society of Mary priests are now present.  We have also experienced “lockdown” and now we are still emerging from this unique experience.

Our world has changed, our country has changed, our former two parishes no longer exist.  A new parish is beginning to emerge.  As hard as it seems we cannot go back to being “normal”.  We continue to emerge into a “new normal” whatever this means?

When Pope Francis reminds us that “all of us are missionary disciples” and that “we must become personally involved” he is challenging each one of us to reflect on what this means for me as a parishioner of the Catholic Parish of Christchurch South.  We are being invited to adapt to the new situation we find ourselves in.    But we cannot go back to what was; we can only move forward to what can be.  Pope Francis is calling the Church to be outward facing (missionary) and to be in a permanent state of mission.

Last Sunday evening at the 5pm Mass at Sacred Heart over fifty of our young parishioners were present.  It was a delight to see so many of them who had come from Hoon Hay.  After the Mass they had time together in the Sacred Heart Hall with food and various other activities!  And all this was happening while there was a game of rugby being played near-by!   There are reasons to be hopeful as we look to our future.  Pope Francis states: “what we are living now is the chance to begin; let’s not let it slip from us; let’s move ahead”.