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A Reflection from Fr Peter ~

“Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give, this is my gift to you”

Our Gospel for today radiates a calmness and reassurance that we hope will be part of our lives.  We know from our lived experience, calmness is not always present for us as we have to deal with conflict as a part of our lives.  Yet both calmness and conflict have something in common.  They remind us of the different ways in which God is  present to us.

Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure.  He knows that they will be fearful and upset.  He reassures them with his gift of peace.  But this peace is not as the world understands it.  Peace for Jesus is not simply the absence of violence.  It is something more positive and deeper.  It can exist side by side with times of turmoil.  It is something internal not external and it comes from an inner sense of security, of a conviction that God is with us and in us and that in whatever is happening to us, God is always present.

Pope Francis states: “Peace has a face and a heart: it is the face and the heart of Jesus, the Son of God.  Jesus is ‘our peace’ as he tore down the wall of hate that separated people from each other …. Peace involves work, it is not about staying calm and doing nothing.  No!  True peace means working so that everyone has a solution to the problems, to the needs, that they have in their land, in the homeland, in their family, in their society.”

Fr Peter Head SM
Parish Priest