Sancta Maria Catholic Parish

16 February 2020 ~ 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

 Law and Love 

Jesus said he had not come to abolish the law and the prophets, but to fulfil them.  What does this mean – to fulfil the Law?  A law is not necessarily ‘fulfilled’ when it is being observed to the letter – the Pharisees did that relatively well and Jesus criticised them for it; rather a law is fulfilled when it is serving the end or the purpose for which it was made.  What was the purpose of the Law of  Moses?  Ultimately, to draw people into a closer relationship with God and with one another.  Not simply to stop people killing each other but to help them respect and forgive each other – to help them love one another.  Jesus fulfils the law, through his birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven, and guides us by the law.

To outsiders and even some insiders, Christianity can seem like just a bunch of rules and regulations.  Some might be tempted to simply ignore them while others might fanatically adhere to them.  We must discover the origin and end of these rules, which is love.  We then discover that there is no real opposition between law and love.

Fr Phil Bennenbroek SM