The Catholic Parish of Christchurch South


How many of us were startled by our mobile phones last Saturday evening?

 “Covid-19 alert, from 6am Sunday, for the next 7 days Auckland will be on level 3 and the rest of the country level 2”.

There’s no way to escape the blaring sound taking over our phones. The recording continues until we press OK.  There’s that all too familiar feeling of dread, realising that our work, family and faith communities are back to square one, social distancing and limiting numbers of gatherings. No one is feeling OK!

Yet, in today’s first reading we are reminded by God’s words to Moses. ‘I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery’. The ten commandments weren’t given as an obstacle for God’s chosen people. They are a way for them to live in accordance with God’s plan. A road map to avoid falling back into the pit of slavery.

Today the pit of slavery isn’t necessarily the chains or shackles of our past. It’s the lack of hope and trust in God for today and for our future.  That disbelief that he can’t possibly love me as I am, or that he has a purpose for my life.

Lent is a time for renewal. It’s a time of hope and healing. It’s a time of seeking God through prayer, fasting and reconciliation. And an opportunity to look towards the

needs of others through giving of time and alms.

‘The precepts of the Lord are right; they gladden the heart’. 

Sandra Martin
Coordinator  of Sacramental & Liturgical Ministries




Our three Leadership Groups from the parish held a strategic planning day in late January to build on the groundwork carried out so far in forming one parish with the communities of our five Mass centres. To provide insight and direction from parishioners, a survey went out to
everyone in early December, 2020, and it received a good response. People provided lots of
ideas about their priorities around spiritual formation and social interaction to build up and bond our parish as one community.

Our Parish Staff,  Transition Team and the Finance and Management Committee met with a
facilitator to draw themes and direction from the survey results.   The facilitator, Andrea
Bankier, and Siobhan Bergin, the Diocesan Transition Facilitator, assisted us throughout the day and enabled us to achieve real outcomes that will be shared with the parishioners at a
later stage.  The day was very enlightening and we owe a huge debt of thanks to Siobhan and Andrea who kept us moving along to achieve real outcomes.

The three Leadership Teams have met again recently with Andrea and Siobhan and are now in the process of putting “flesh on the bones” of our strategic plan so that it can be presented to the parishioners.  We are hoping through this process that we will be able to begin to put in place the priorities that were evident in the survey. Exciting and hopeful times for all concerned!

Pamela Arthurs

Chairperson of Transition Team


Mass Registration for the Weekend of 6/7 March

As you know, Christchurch (and all of NZ outside of Auckland) is currently at Covid-19 Alert Level 2, which means we can only have gatherings of up to 100 people.  This means that all those who would like to come to Mass this weekend will need to register as we have done under level 2 in the past.  Although Christchurch is set to change back to level 1 on Sunday morning, we have decided to take registrations for ALL Masses over the weekend to cover uncertainties.  So, regardless of what Mass you would like to attend this weekend, please register using the link below.

If you need assistance with registering please make contact with the parish office on 338 8395 and speak with Janice or Judy.  If you know of any parishioner that does not have internet access, please make contact with them and offer to take care of their registration for them.

Please note that dispensation from the obligation of Sunday Mass applies for Levels 2, 3 and 4.




ADORATION and CONFESSION DURING LENT: during the Season of Lent, in addition to our usual Exposition and Sacrament of Reconciliation times, there will be Adoration and Confession 7:00pm – 8:00pm in our churches as follows:

St. Peter’s, Beckenham, Thursday, 4th March
Sacred Heart , Addington – Thursday, 18th March
Sts. Peter & Paul, Halswell, Thursday, 25th March



Tuesday, 7.00pm at Sts Peter & Paul, Halswell

Wednesday, 6.30pm at Sacred Heart,  Addington