Sancta Maria Catholic Parish  

A letter from Fr Peter, April 3,  can be found under the Newsletters tab.


This weekend is Palm Sunday and we begin Holy Week. This week we prayerfully remember that last week of Our Lord’s life here on earth before He died. We deliberately remember so that our gratitude and appreciation can strengthen and grow.

Normally we would be able to join with others in what we call the Holy week ceremonies and many of us will be able to tune into some celebration somewhere by means of the internet.

Another option is to celebrate in our own “bubbles” using the texts of the Church’s
ceremonies. Others might choose to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, make the
Stations of the Cross or read one of the accounts of Our Lord’s Passion.

It is important to see what lies behind the story of the Passion. We seek to understand
something of God’s tremendous love for us, to understand why we were bought at such a
great price. If we manage to grasp something of this then many other things take on a
new perspective.

“God so loved the world that He sent his only Son…” As we deliberately follow the trial
and Passion story we can ask ourselves: “Who is this who endured this suffering?” and
also “Why?”.

To relive the Passion is a good preparation for the great feast of the Resurrection.
“May He Easter in us!”

Fr Barry Malone sm