The Catholic Parish of Christchurch South


It’s been such a crazy year hasn’t it? Shutting ourselves away from each other for a good part of it; children learning from home, events and trips cancelled, social distancing, masks and apps and a sense of unease about what’s happening here and around the world.

In his message for World Mission Day, Pope Francis referred to the gospel story about the disciples caught out in the storm. Like them “we were caught off guard by an unexpected and turbulent storm” and have realised that, despite our social distancing, “we are all on the same boat, all of us fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and needed, all of us row together, each of us in need of comforting the other”.

Even without Covid we can all experience times when we feel a bit fragile and disoriented: worries about family, or work or making ends meet; unexpected jolts from a sudden illness, a death or job loss; or the gradual effects of aging on our identity.

Pope Francis tells us that he wants the Church to be like a field hospital after battle. He says that the Church needs to heal wounds and warm hearts.

That’s what we’re called to do as people in this boat together in this parish in the south of Christchurch. That’s our mission too. It’s the mission that inspires so many of you to  look out for each other and go out of your way to ensure others are feeling safe and included.

We’re looking for some people who have some ideas and some time who would like to work together to keep growing us into a Church that can heal the wounds and warm hearts. We’re looking for people who would like to help build up the community through pastoral care, a ministry of compassion and hope.

If you have some ideas or want to find out more please contact me for a chat or come and join us in November to explore what’s possible for you, and the parish.

Introduction to Pastoral Care meeting dates:

Thursday afternoons 5th, 12th,19th & 26th November 1.00 – 3.00pm  in the foyer at Hoon Hay church. If evenings would be preferable for anyone please contact me on 338 8395 or email

Joanne Hope
Coordinator Pastoral Care



Today we celebrate Mission Sunday, a call to mission, the invitation to step out of ourselves for love of God and neighbour. An opportunity for sharing, service and intercessory prayer. God shows us that his love is for each and everyone of us. He asks us to be personally willing to be sent, because he himself is Love, love that is always “on mission”, always reaching out in order to give life. God draws us into his mission of love, and with his Spirit, enlivens the Church, he makes us his disciples and sends us on a mission to the world and to its peoples. Mission is a free and conscious response to God’s call. God’s question: “Whom shall I send?” is addressed to us and awaits a generous and convincing response: “Here am I, send me”. (Is 6:8)
(Taken from a message by Pope Francis for World Mission Day 2020)